October 21, 2013

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October 12, 2013

11:11 Phenomena 2

I have been seeing the 11:11 a lot once again as well as other similar numbers like 04:44 and 02:22. It is always like this and has increased in frequency. I have been on the computer more and other devices so it could be a coincidence, but then I never have coincidences. I feel definitely this is some kind of messaging.

Actually this is the Universe IMing me. Without going too much into it I feel the Universe is saying to get ready because some kind of change is about to occur. I have been feeling a little drained lately, my energy focused on certain projects.

Last night went to bed early feeling so drained. Closed eyes lightness appeared, opened eyes to see that there was no physical external source. Closed eyes again, this occurred several times. Allowed the head to move as I went to sleep.

I am feeling the urge to take Salvia Divinorum once again, next week maybe.