February 27, 2009


Time: 7:35am
Technique: WBTB - No intention to AP
Mood/Feeling: Mild stress from day before, soothed this by observing thoughts and then deliberately shifting my focus - this helped.
Duration: Approx. 30 mins

Experience: After focusing on some positive thoughts and simply letting go of any negative emotions I was harboring, a spontaneous smile formed on my face followed by a feeling of peace and harmony. Soon after my right ear was buzzing with some mild vibration, my neck was leaning too much towards the left causing it to strain. I moved correcting my posture with vibrations and buzzing still present.

I could hear aeroplanes in the distant sky - a common sound especially in the mornings. I focused on the aeroplane sound and when the sound dimmed so did the buzzing. I thought there might be a connection between the roaring aeroplane sound and the buzzing in my ear - but why in my right ear and not the left?

Suddenly I was walking down a street filled with people. A man reclining on a chair to my right appeared to be looking at me. I walked up to him and moved closer, now leaning closer to his face he seemed to not notice me as if looking through me.

I decided to just walk on, there are many market stalls with all kinds of merchandise, immediately I acknowledge I'm in a marketplace. A man standing near a stall to my right is looking through a wooden frame, he looks at me and says 'Hello there pretty lady'. I smile flattered with the compliment and continue to walk forward.

I hear a voice saying ‘We’re strict with our employees. They need to communicate with customers.' On and on this voice went with a lot of emphasis put on customer interaction, it made sense from a sales perspective. I looked around but there was no source of the voice. It was just as difficult to pin point the gender of the voice.

I stop by a stall stocked with toys, for some unknown reason feel like Ive been assigned to this stall. I pick up a teddy bear, at the centre is a button I press – makes robotic sounds – I think it’s a robot trapped inside a teddy bear. At this stage things feel more dream like. A woman in the distant strolling along with a child in a pushchair becomes my first target.

I get the teddy bear and put on a puppet act. I move the teddys arms & legs in sync with the robot sounds giving the illusion that it is a robot teddy bear, using the entertainment to attract as many customers as possible. In a bid to sell fast I offer discounts.

The experience fades into several very vivid dreams until I return to C-1.

February 22, 2009

Inside A Black Hole

Time: 8am
Technique: AP Intention - focused breathing
Mood/Feeling: Calm, relaxed
Duration: 2 hours

Experience: Felt vibrations in upper body, then floated out to the opposite end of my room which was a reflected mirror version. Slowly began moving downward towards the floor where everything became dark or I had a loss of vision. I was still moving and felt the sensation of sinking down even faster. Although unable to see anything I looked about in all directions. My search for light ended when I looked up - there was a round circle and inside it was what appeared to be the sky. The circle seemed to be getting smaller. My initial reaction was that I was falling down a very deep well. Having no clue what lay at the bottom I focused on moving upwards. My effort required a lot of energy, I managed to stop a few times but could not hold myself for even just a few seconds let alone move upwards. I continued moving downwards giving up on any attempt to control the experience.

Soon I found myself in a kitchen, unaware of how I got there but still fully conscious. The kitchen was much like my own with a door on one side heading out to the garden. I looked at my hands - very real and solid looking I placed them on the door to test my state. The touch on the door felt incredibly real. I knew that I was not in my physical form and that I should be able to put my hands through. This time my hands went through the door. I looked through the glass on the door, my hands appeared to be glowing. I walked through - outside everything was swamped with a feeling of isolation, empty and misty looking.

Lost consciousness but had some very vivid dreams and in between several dreams I found myself testing the state of my form by placing my hands through walls and windows with the same level of awareness in my prior test. I woke up from one of the vivid dreams.

Afterthoughts: The sinking down into what I would normally term as 'the void' is a familiar experience where I would feel as if everything has gone dark or I have lost my sight with the sensation of moving downwards. Being able to see at the top a circle and beyond that the sky has added to a very common experience. It now seems more apparent that the sinking and loss of vision maybe that I'm moving down through what appears to be a black hole - perhaps next time since I do tend to move with ease downwards, I could just get to the very bottom of it.

February 18, 2009

Driving Through

Time: 6:40am
Technique: Wake Back To Bed - woke up at 5:20am
Mood/Feeling: Neutral, sleepy
Duration: 20 mins

Experience: Head buzzed and vibrated, again a sensation of electrical charges were present but milder. A little disoriented found myself in a moving vehicle - a family car. I was in the back seat, the other seats were unoccupied, no driver present. Outside, the street was very familiar - it was just from the corner of my house. The car made a left turn and then a right slowing down facing another car where I could clearly see a man in the driver seat. His car was parked on one side. At this point I moved my arms but it took a lot of energy. I raised my right hand and waved at the driver. He looked in my direction with a panic stricken expression - the vehicle I was in moved through his vehicle much like the way walking through walls or other barriers in the astral and then swerving out.

My vehicle continued to take me in different directions - some familiar, some not so familiar. At a particular point I ended up on the motorway a similar incident to the above occurred. A few lanes were closed. On a closed lane there was a pedestrian, female, long brown hair wearing a trench coat with her hands in her pocket. She smiled as she walked in my direction, suddenly there was that panic stricken look on her face and then the vehicle I was in went passing through her.

The vehicle continued to move forward taking me in random places, fortunately without incident. I didn't try to gain control because just raising my arms took a lot of energy - so I continued to observe until I returned somewhere at SP where I heard my brothers voice with a matter of urgency telling me to wake up. I was able to see from the corner of my eyes a physical form - just a fraction of the right side of who appeared to be my brother. I was in the middle of snapping out of SP, it took a while and I began to panic when I felt like I had stopped breathing.

Upon returning to C-1 I immediately felt head vibrations again and had another projection experience which lasted for quite some time but too fragmented for me to describe.

February 17, 2009

Hemi-Sync: On Hold

I stopped practicing the hemi-sync exercises from Sunday night since I'm far too busy now to assign any more time for these. I will hopefully be able to resume practice in about two weeks. For the time being I might practice concentration meditation whenever I can.

The Bright Light

Follow up from: Zapping To A Family Home

Experience: After head zapping I heard several voices - one voice that stood out clearly was that of a female, I focused but could not understand what was said. Ended up in a void of complete silence but I sensed I was moving. I spotted a spark, a point of light much like in the Strange Fountain experience. Immediately followed it. I ended up in front of my window and just walked through it continuing to walk straight ahead on air. It was night time. I noticed a glowing light above my roof just near where the satellite dish is located. It seemed to grow in brightness - like all the rays of the sun was focusing on that particular point. As it got brighter my eyes began to flutter returning to C-1 with my physical eyes fluttering for a few seconds.

Zapping To A Family Home

Time: 7:30am
Technique: Sleep interrupted from weird dream and bladder at 5:25am, simple intention to AP
Mood/Feeling: Calm, naturally relaxed
Duration: Approx 30mins

Experience: I felt that zapping sensation in the back of my head - a bit like static electricity only it was internal and spreading inside my head. I found myself, rather suddenly, walking inside a living room looked at a man sitting in the corner, on an armchair. Next to him a woman sitting on a regular sofa. Neither of them noticed me. Across the room was a large window but I didn't bother to look beyond the window when near this area I noticed a boy about the age of 7 or 8 sitting on an armchair seemingly oblivious of my presence. Opposite him was another armchair - I walked to it feeling completely physical, it felt so physically real to be there.

I sat down and observed these people for a brief moment who were for the most part completely silent. They all had black hair. I was feeling a bit awkward, not sure what to do. The boy caught my attention when it appeared he was glancing at me, but quickly looking away. I walked up to him and knelt down beside the chair knowing in my gut that he could see me. 'Hi there, can you see me?' I asked with a very gentle tone in my voice amazed that I can actually hear myself clearly. He looked at me seeming a bit nervous, I also got the impression that he wanted to talk but couldn't for reasons unknown. In a bid to encourage him to talk I placed my hand on his shoulder gently and rather enthusiastically I informed him that we were in some kind of dream. I felt like a kid myself, perhaps that's why I was drawn to the little one and not the grownups.

It was by surprise that I heard the thunder in a female voice shouting 'Don't you dare touch my son!' Startled, I got up and glanced at the woman I'd seen earlier, she stood a few feet away from me and was visibly angry. The man I'd seen earlier hurried out of the room. I quickly moved to the window and walked through it. I was now in a garden, to my right I noticed a pool. It was day time. I walked on a pathway but suddenly began feeling heavy and was pulling my weight. Snapped back in bed, with an awareness of my body. The zapping returned and I had another AP - The Bright Light.

February 16, 2009

A Cosy Home

At about 7:30am, awake and alert I wanted to relax a few extra minutes before getting out of bed. With closed eyes and a wonderful pleasant inner silence I let myself go deeper. I knew it was the perfect state for AP but had no intention to project. A few minutes later an image in my field of vision was taking form, when it became clearer I realized it was some kind of dining/living room area. It was a large room with a table just in the middle of the room and flowers nicely arranged at the center. The walls were a vibrant peach colour, it was night time and the room was so beautifully lit.

At first it was an image that floated about for a short while and the more pleasure I took from it the more it engulfed me, like being sucked into a live image. This place was so immaculately clean, warm and very welcoming. I remember thinking 'Wow! I so want my house to feel like this -warm and cosy.' Soon I sensed myself back in bed with my right ear buzzing and as a result returned to C-1.

February 15, 2009

Hemi-Sync: Current Progress

It has been a month since I have started with the Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience. I am currently practicing the exercises from Wave I - Discovery.

So far...
... during the exercises I've been feeling swirling sensations in my abdomen. The sensations often appear in the lower abdomen sometimes slowly making its way up to the upper abdomen. The energy sensations present inside my head were incredibly intense in the first week of practice but gradually subsided.

More Click-Outs
I have been clicking-out in almost every track in almost every practice. Fortunately I have been writing down all my experiences with these exercises in a notebook, recording date, time, mood and I've figured out that the reason for the click-out is most likely due to practising late at night. Also I tend to click out when counting up to 10 to get to Focus 10 state. The few mornings that I did practice I did not experience click-outs. I intend to wake up earlier than usual and practice which means going to bed earlier than usual (this will be difficult).

The Interesting
The really interesting things have been occurring outside of the exercises, during normal waking consciousness (as I close my eyes to fall asleep but still awake and alert and a few minutes after waking up). These are:

  • Seeing almost clearly through my closed eyelids - happened three times, doesn't last very long.
  • Chakra sensations - heart, solar, and sacral chakras, nothing new but still signs of progress. I remember experiencing them during my 30 Day Meditation Challenge.
  • Random Muscle Spasms - this probably isn't all that interesting and nothing new except that it's not the eye twitching like I experienced a while back, instead it's other random muscles around the body. Had this occurred any time prior to my interest in AP or Altered States of Consciousness I would've been incredibly worried. I think the spasms are due to deep neurological changes, a result of meditating (meditation is on pause for time being) or using the hemi-sync program.
I will report back any new experiences at the end of this month.

February 2, 2009


Awakened at 5:30am after having a dream where I was visited by a shadow being only it wasn't as scary as it was in my recent experience.

At 7:00am I wanted to get more sleep but had a feeling I was going to AP instead. Once completely zoned out I felt a zapping in my head - something swirling. It was intense, felt very energetic and I have felt this sensation before but not with this intensity or it could be that I remember that episode vaguely. I did not feel any discomfort. Floated up and my form moved to the center of the room where I was spinning without any conscious control. My vision was crystal clear but hard to focus when spinning incredibly fast. Suddenly my bed appeared beneath me and I saw my physical body under the duvet and for the first time I got a very clear view of my face.

The room was morphing as I was spinning - the spinning itself was actually quite fun but I really wanted to move on with the next phase. Soon enough I turned my head toward a corner where it was getting brighter and spotted a window, at this point the spinning had completely calmed down. The curtains were being withdrawn by some invisible force. I looked through the window, this was a gigantic window. At first tried moving towards it but I was firmly stuck in place, then I focused on it and thought about how I'd like to go through the window. Instead I found my eyes sort of drooping and I lost consciousness. Had an FA, returned to C-1 at 7:30am.

February 1, 2009

Radio Tuning & Expanding

I've had these experiences before where I hear radio stations tuning in and playing music. However, I think this is my most expanded version of such an experience. After my previous experience 'Through the Looking-Glass' I didn't feel too sleepy just deeply relaxed.

So deeply relaxed that once I closed my eyes I instantly heard instruments playing and believed that someone externally blasted their stereo. Somewhat agitated by this I opened my eyes, it was 7:45am and completely silent. Closed my eyes again and the music continued to play only it was clearer and the sounds were softer, it sounded like a Hindu worship song and I can't remember all the words. I did hear Krishna being mentioned several times.

I don't follow any religion but I found myself enjoying this pleasant and soothing song. After the song ended I was completely relaxed and unable to sense my body. Heard the static noise when you change radio stations. Soon I was listening to an interview. The host was male and the guest was female, excited I listened carefully trying my best to memorise names, facts and any details that would give me clues about the radio station so I could look it up in order to verify it. However, as soon as I started getting all analytical the words began scrambling so I decided to just give that up and listen aimlessly.

Once the exciting interview ended the static noise returned and I was tuned in to another frequency where a song was playing. It went on like this for about an hour. I was continuously listening to bands such as Westlife and Boyzone and other bands that sang a lot of ballads. The tunes were familiar however the lyrics were very new. As a teenager these bands were my favourites and so it was quite nice hearing their songs in my head.

I can also recall that in between these songs I found myself in my room with furniture arranged differently and as I stared at the clock on my wall I felt a sense of shrinking as if becoming smaller and then expanding.

Returned to C-1 at 9:00am.

Through the Looking-Glass

At 6:30am I fell asleep again almost instantly floating out. This time the sun was shining. I wondered what to do having set no previous goal. Then I thought about how it's hard work planning what to do in the astral when often those plans failed so I decided to leave it to my inner being and relaxed even more.

Rotated as usual and headed through the window where my vision became limited. I was looking through glass, I assumed it was glass because there was a clear circle in the middle and around this circle the remaining glass had a built up of what looked like condensation. I continued to move and as I gazed through the glass it was like seeing a whole new world. I passed by mountains, wild flowers and other truly amazing wonders of the world. The circle in the middle expanded giving clearer broader vision and soon it was like looking through brand new eyes.

I continued soaring into the sky without any direction, I felt such an incredible sense of freedom and utterly elated. Returned to C-1 at about 7:30am and had another experience, Radio Tuning & Expanding.

A Shadow Being lurks in the Dark

I woke up at 3:00am and two hours later tried going back to sleep without any intent to AP. Instantly I felt floating sensations and was soon spinning erratically. Rather than moving away from my body I ended up back in bed unable to move myself as I was in the SP state.

I sensed a presence nearby, looked across my bed and at the end there appeared to be a shadow on the wall. Once this shadow appeared more 3D I began to panic. The figure was illuminated by the moonlight seeping through the window, however it was difficult to see since the figure was completely draped in a dark cloak and rather large baggy hood. It looked like the Grim Reaper without a scythe. This being stood about 3 or 4ft away from my bed. I could still feel my body, just unable to move myself. Without warning my body slid across the bed towards the dark being. The more closer I got the more I was overwhelmed with fear. I forced myself backwards knowing that I can snap out of this and that any fear was based on my perception.

Again trying my best to feel secure in my position I watched the being cautiously. I saw an arm emerge out of the cloak, a fleshy looking arm that was very human in shape. This Being placed its arm forward as if offering help. My fear had almost completely eradicated when I finally began to move, I reached out my own arm and placed my hand into that of the being. I felt no sense of touch until I felt a hand touching my body in a rather sexual manner. Almost crippled with fear at this point I focused on my physical body, wiggled my fingers and returned to C-1 at 5:30am.

I should probably note here that in the past two days I've been so severely stressed that sleeping has since become rather difficult. As for the 'Hemi-Sync Wave I' I skipped the 'Release and Recharge' and moved onto 'Exploration, Sleep' basically to help me fall asleep easier which it has and my dreams have since amplified. I'm not sure if the stress triggered such a seemingly negative experience. The only fear that was present was based on my perception of what dark and hidden signifies; evil. As for the hands I felt on my body I have no idea what that was.

After this scary trip in the dark I had two more experiences which in comparison are positive and uplifting.