February 18, 2009

Driving Through

Time: 6:40am
Technique: Wake Back To Bed - woke up at 5:20am
Mood/Feeling: Neutral, sleepy
Duration: 20 mins

Experience: Head buzzed and vibrated, again a sensation of electrical charges were present but milder. A little disoriented found myself in a moving vehicle - a family car. I was in the back seat, the other seats were unoccupied, no driver present. Outside, the street was very familiar - it was just from the corner of my house. The car made a left turn and then a right slowing down facing another car where I could clearly see a man in the driver seat. His car was parked on one side. At this point I moved my arms but it took a lot of energy. I raised my right hand and waved at the driver. He looked in my direction with a panic stricken expression - the vehicle I was in moved through his vehicle much like the way walking through walls or other barriers in the astral and then swerving out.

My vehicle continued to take me in different directions - some familiar, some not so familiar. At a particular point I ended up on the motorway a similar incident to the above occurred. A few lanes were closed. On a closed lane there was a pedestrian, female, long brown hair wearing a trench coat with her hands in her pocket. She smiled as she walked in my direction, suddenly there was that panic stricken look on her face and then the vehicle I was in went passing through her.

The vehicle continued to move forward taking me in random places, fortunately without incident. I didn't try to gain control because just raising my arms took a lot of energy - so I continued to observe until I returned somewhere at SP where I heard my brothers voice with a matter of urgency telling me to wake up. I was able to see from the corner of my eyes a physical form - just a fraction of the right side of who appeared to be my brother. I was in the middle of snapping out of SP, it took a while and I began to panic when I felt like I had stopped breathing.

Upon returning to C-1 I immediately felt head vibrations again and had another projection experience which lasted for quite some time but too fragmented for me to describe.

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