February 1, 2009

A Shadow Being lurks in the Dark

I woke up at 3:00am and two hours later tried going back to sleep without any intent to AP. Instantly I felt floating sensations and was soon spinning erratically. Rather than moving away from my body I ended up back in bed unable to move myself as I was in the SP state.

I sensed a presence nearby, looked across my bed and at the end there appeared to be a shadow on the wall. Once this shadow appeared more 3D I began to panic. The figure was illuminated by the moonlight seeping through the window, however it was difficult to see since the figure was completely draped in a dark cloak and rather large baggy hood. It looked like the Grim Reaper without a scythe. This being stood about 3 or 4ft away from my bed. I could still feel my body, just unable to move myself. Without warning my body slid across the bed towards the dark being. The more closer I got the more I was overwhelmed with fear. I forced myself backwards knowing that I can snap out of this and that any fear was based on my perception.

Again trying my best to feel secure in my position I watched the being cautiously. I saw an arm emerge out of the cloak, a fleshy looking arm that was very human in shape. This Being placed its arm forward as if offering help. My fear had almost completely eradicated when I finally began to move, I reached out my own arm and placed my hand into that of the being. I felt no sense of touch until I felt a hand touching my body in a rather sexual manner. Almost crippled with fear at this point I focused on my physical body, wiggled my fingers and returned to C-1 at 5:30am.

I should probably note here that in the past two days I've been so severely stressed that sleeping has since become rather difficult. As for the 'Hemi-Sync Wave I' I skipped the 'Release and Recharge' and moved onto 'Exploration, Sleep' basically to help me fall asleep easier which it has and my dreams have since amplified. I'm not sure if the stress triggered such a seemingly negative experience. The only fear that was present was based on my perception of what dark and hidden signifies; evil. As for the hands I felt on my body I have no idea what that was.

After this scary trip in the dark I had two more experiences which in comparison are positive and uplifting.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been dealing with SP for most of my life. the other day when i was in SP there was a tall shadowy figure standing at the end of my bed wearing a cloak with hood looking like the grim reaper.

i was terrified. there was another figure just as tall standing beside, but slightly behind him/it. I could see no face of either figure, but the one wearing the cloak reached forth both of his arms and my spirit body effortlessly went towards it.

it held both of my hands and I pleaded to God (whom I call "Allah") to save me from this seemingly terrifying entity.

Suddenly the figure standing behind him/it produced or materialized a silver necklace with attached silver letters that spelled two arabic words.

I couldn't make out the first word, but the second word was "Allah".

The chain was placed in my hand. When I grasped it, it vanished and then both figures disappeared. Then i snapped out of SP