February 15, 2009

Hemi-Sync: Current Progress

It has been a month since I have started with the Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience. I am currently practicing the exercises from Wave I - Discovery.

So far...
... during the exercises I've been feeling swirling sensations in my abdomen. The sensations often appear in the lower abdomen sometimes slowly making its way up to the upper abdomen. The energy sensations present inside my head were incredibly intense in the first week of practice but gradually subsided.

More Click-Outs
I have been clicking-out in almost every track in almost every practice. Fortunately I have been writing down all my experiences with these exercises in a notebook, recording date, time, mood and I've figured out that the reason for the click-out is most likely due to practising late at night. Also I tend to click out when counting up to 10 to get to Focus 10 state. The few mornings that I did practice I did not experience click-outs. I intend to wake up earlier than usual and practice which means going to bed earlier than usual (this will be difficult).

The Interesting
The really interesting things have been occurring outside of the exercises, during normal waking consciousness (as I close my eyes to fall asleep but still awake and alert and a few minutes after waking up). These are:

  • Seeing almost clearly through my closed eyelids - happened three times, doesn't last very long.
  • Chakra sensations - heart, solar, and sacral chakras, nothing new but still signs of progress. I remember experiencing them during my 30 Day Meditation Challenge.
  • Random Muscle Spasms - this probably isn't all that interesting and nothing new except that it's not the eye twitching like I experienced a while back, instead it's other random muscles around the body. Had this occurred any time prior to my interest in AP or Altered States of Consciousness I would've been incredibly worried. I think the spasms are due to deep neurological changes, a result of meditating (meditation is on pause for time being) or using the hemi-sync program.
I will report back any new experiences at the end of this month.

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