February 17, 2009

Zapping To A Family Home

Time: 7:30am
Technique: Sleep interrupted from weird dream and bladder at 5:25am, simple intention to AP
Mood/Feeling: Calm, naturally relaxed
Duration: Approx 30mins

Experience: I felt that zapping sensation in the back of my head - a bit like static electricity only it was internal and spreading inside my head. I found myself, rather suddenly, walking inside a living room looked at a man sitting in the corner, on an armchair. Next to him a woman sitting on a regular sofa. Neither of them noticed me. Across the room was a large window but I didn't bother to look beyond the window when near this area I noticed a boy about the age of 7 or 8 sitting on an armchair seemingly oblivious of my presence. Opposite him was another armchair - I walked to it feeling completely physical, it felt so physically real to be there.

I sat down and observed these people for a brief moment who were for the most part completely silent. They all had black hair. I was feeling a bit awkward, not sure what to do. The boy caught my attention when it appeared he was glancing at me, but quickly looking away. I walked up to him and knelt down beside the chair knowing in my gut that he could see me. 'Hi there, can you see me?' I asked with a very gentle tone in my voice amazed that I can actually hear myself clearly. He looked at me seeming a bit nervous, I also got the impression that he wanted to talk but couldn't for reasons unknown. In a bid to encourage him to talk I placed my hand on his shoulder gently and rather enthusiastically I informed him that we were in some kind of dream. I felt like a kid myself, perhaps that's why I was drawn to the little one and not the grownups.

It was by surprise that I heard the thunder in a female voice shouting 'Don't you dare touch my son!' Startled, I got up and glanced at the woman I'd seen earlier, she stood a few feet away from me and was visibly angry. The man I'd seen earlier hurried out of the room. I quickly moved to the window and walked through it. I was now in a garden, to my right I noticed a pool. It was day time. I walked on a pathway but suddenly began feeling heavy and was pulling my weight. Snapped back in bed, with an awareness of my body. The zapping returned and I had another AP - The Bright Light.

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