February 27, 2009


Time: 7:35am
Technique: WBTB - No intention to AP
Mood/Feeling: Mild stress from day before, soothed this by observing thoughts and then deliberately shifting my focus - this helped.
Duration: Approx. 30 mins

Experience: After focusing on some positive thoughts and simply letting go of any negative emotions I was harboring, a spontaneous smile formed on my face followed by a feeling of peace and harmony. Soon after my right ear was buzzing with some mild vibration, my neck was leaning too much towards the left causing it to strain. I moved correcting my posture with vibrations and buzzing still present.

I could hear aeroplanes in the distant sky - a common sound especially in the mornings. I focused on the aeroplane sound and when the sound dimmed so did the buzzing. I thought there might be a connection between the roaring aeroplane sound and the buzzing in my ear - but why in my right ear and not the left?

Suddenly I was walking down a street filled with people. A man reclining on a chair to my right appeared to be looking at me. I walked up to him and moved closer, now leaning closer to his face he seemed to not notice me as if looking through me.

I decided to just walk on, there are many market stalls with all kinds of merchandise, immediately I acknowledge I'm in a marketplace. A man standing near a stall to my right is looking through a wooden frame, he looks at me and says 'Hello there pretty lady'. I smile flattered with the compliment and continue to walk forward.

I hear a voice saying ‘We’re strict with our employees. They need to communicate with customers.' On and on this voice went with a lot of emphasis put on customer interaction, it made sense from a sales perspective. I looked around but there was no source of the voice. It was just as difficult to pin point the gender of the voice.

I stop by a stall stocked with toys, for some unknown reason feel like Ive been assigned to this stall. I pick up a teddy bear, at the centre is a button I press – makes robotic sounds – I think it’s a robot trapped inside a teddy bear. At this stage things feel more dream like. A woman in the distant strolling along with a child in a pushchair becomes my first target.

I get the teddy bear and put on a puppet act. I move the teddys arms & legs in sync with the robot sounds giving the illusion that it is a robot teddy bear, using the entertainment to attract as many customers as possible. In a bid to sell fast I offer discounts.

The experience fades into several very vivid dreams until I return to C-1.

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