February 1, 2009

Radio Tuning & Expanding

I've had these experiences before where I hear radio stations tuning in and playing music. However, I think this is my most expanded version of such an experience. After my previous experience 'Through the Looking-Glass' I didn't feel too sleepy just deeply relaxed.

So deeply relaxed that once I closed my eyes I instantly heard instruments playing and believed that someone externally blasted their stereo. Somewhat agitated by this I opened my eyes, it was 7:45am and completely silent. Closed my eyes again and the music continued to play only it was clearer and the sounds were softer, it sounded like a Hindu worship song and I can't remember all the words. I did hear Krishna being mentioned several times.

I don't follow any religion but I found myself enjoying this pleasant and soothing song. After the song ended I was completely relaxed and unable to sense my body. Heard the static noise when you change radio stations. Soon I was listening to an interview. The host was male and the guest was female, excited I listened carefully trying my best to memorise names, facts and any details that would give me clues about the radio station so I could look it up in order to verify it. However, as soon as I started getting all analytical the words began scrambling so I decided to just give that up and listen aimlessly.

Once the exciting interview ended the static noise returned and I was tuned in to another frequency where a song was playing. It went on like this for about an hour. I was continuously listening to bands such as Westlife and Boyzone and other bands that sang a lot of ballads. The tunes were familiar however the lyrics were very new. As a teenager these bands were my favourites and so it was quite nice hearing their songs in my head.

I can also recall that in between these songs I found myself in my room with furniture arranged differently and as I stared at the clock on my wall I felt a sense of shrinking as if becoming smaller and then expanding.

Returned to C-1 at 9:00am.

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