February 16, 2009

A Cosy Home

At about 7:30am, awake and alert I wanted to relax a few extra minutes before getting out of bed. With closed eyes and a wonderful pleasant inner silence I let myself go deeper. I knew it was the perfect state for AP but had no intention to project. A few minutes later an image in my field of vision was taking form, when it became clearer I realized it was some kind of dining/living room area. It was a large room with a table just in the middle of the room and flowers nicely arranged at the center. The walls were a vibrant peach colour, it was night time and the room was so beautifully lit.

At first it was an image that floated about for a short while and the more pleasure I took from it the more it engulfed me, like being sucked into a live image. This place was so immaculately clean, warm and very welcoming. I remember thinking 'Wow! I so want my house to feel like this -warm and cosy.' Soon I sensed myself back in bed with my right ear buzzing and as a result returned to C-1.

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