February 1, 2009

Through the Looking-Glass

At 6:30am I fell asleep again almost instantly floating out. This time the sun was shining. I wondered what to do having set no previous goal. Then I thought about how it's hard work planning what to do in the astral when often those plans failed so I decided to leave it to my inner being and relaxed even more.

Rotated as usual and headed through the window where my vision became limited. I was looking through glass, I assumed it was glass because there was a clear circle in the middle and around this circle the remaining glass had a built up of what looked like condensation. I continued to move and as I gazed through the glass it was like seeing a whole new world. I passed by mountains, wild flowers and other truly amazing wonders of the world. The circle in the middle expanded giving clearer broader vision and soon it was like looking through brand new eyes.

I continued soaring into the sky without any direction, I felt such an incredible sense of freedom and utterly elated. Returned to C-1 at about 7:30am and had another experience, Radio Tuning & Expanding.

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