February 2, 2009


Awakened at 5:30am after having a dream where I was visited by a shadow being only it wasn't as scary as it was in my recent experience.

At 7:00am I wanted to get more sleep but had a feeling I was going to AP instead. Once completely zoned out I felt a zapping in my head - something swirling. It was intense, felt very energetic and I have felt this sensation before but not with this intensity or it could be that I remember that episode vaguely. I did not feel any discomfort. Floated up and my form moved to the center of the room where I was spinning without any conscious control. My vision was crystal clear but hard to focus when spinning incredibly fast. Suddenly my bed appeared beneath me and I saw my physical body under the duvet and for the first time I got a very clear view of my face.

The room was morphing as I was spinning - the spinning itself was actually quite fun but I really wanted to move on with the next phase. Soon enough I turned my head toward a corner where it was getting brighter and spotted a window, at this point the spinning had completely calmed down. The curtains were being withdrawn by some invisible force. I looked through the window, this was a gigantic window. At first tried moving towards it but I was firmly stuck in place, then I focused on it and thought about how I'd like to go through the window. Instead I found my eyes sort of drooping and I lost consciousness. Had an FA, returned to C-1 at 7:30am.

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