February 22, 2009

Inside A Black Hole

Time: 8am
Technique: AP Intention - focused breathing
Mood/Feeling: Calm, relaxed
Duration: 2 hours

Experience: Felt vibrations in upper body, then floated out to the opposite end of my room which was a reflected mirror version. Slowly began moving downward towards the floor where everything became dark or I had a loss of vision. I was still moving and felt the sensation of sinking down even faster. Although unable to see anything I looked about in all directions. My search for light ended when I looked up - there was a round circle and inside it was what appeared to be the sky. The circle seemed to be getting smaller. My initial reaction was that I was falling down a very deep well. Having no clue what lay at the bottom I focused on moving upwards. My effort required a lot of energy, I managed to stop a few times but could not hold myself for even just a few seconds let alone move upwards. I continued moving downwards giving up on any attempt to control the experience.

Soon I found myself in a kitchen, unaware of how I got there but still fully conscious. The kitchen was much like my own with a door on one side heading out to the garden. I looked at my hands - very real and solid looking I placed them on the door to test my state. The touch on the door felt incredibly real. I knew that I was not in my physical form and that I should be able to put my hands through. This time my hands went through the door. I looked through the glass on the door, my hands appeared to be glowing. I walked through - outside everything was swamped with a feeling of isolation, empty and misty looking.

Lost consciousness but had some very vivid dreams and in between several dreams I found myself testing the state of my form by placing my hands through walls and windows with the same level of awareness in my prior test. I woke up from one of the vivid dreams.

Afterthoughts: The sinking down into what I would normally term as 'the void' is a familiar experience where I would feel as if everything has gone dark or I have lost my sight with the sensation of moving downwards. Being able to see at the top a circle and beyond that the sky has added to a very common experience. It now seems more apparent that the sinking and loss of vision maybe that I'm moving down through what appears to be a black hole - perhaps next time since I do tend to move with ease downwards, I could just get to the very bottom of it.

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