November 21, 2007

Astral Phasing

Attempted phasing early morning. Felt a vibration which felt more like a mild massage on my forehead. I have been using holosync these past 2 weeks and think maybe this could be why I did not get the annoying type of vibrations and that ringing sensation in my ears.

First I floated upwards and decided that I will not try to control the experience and just let it happen. I was spinning round and round above and could see the texture of the ceiling above me. Then I began to sink to the next floor down from my room. Everything was dark but I noticed the outlines of some furniture and the window. I continued sinking further downwards. Things were getting even darker. This repeated 3 times.

During one phasing I heard a voice similar to Jane Roberts – when she channels Seth. The words sounded mumbled I only managed to make out the word ‘sin’ in one sentence. On my fifth try I decided to take some control. I imagined getting out through the walls and I did, then I imagined it was day time and the sky was blue and so it was. After that I lost consciousness.

- It's easy for me to project when my sleep is interrupted, but I think it's mostly because during these hours it is really quiet which makes it easier to concentrate. Most of my day time or evening time projections would eventually fail, due to external noise.