October 25, 2007

Projecting Physical Senses

Right ear started buzzing quite annoyingly, it felt like it was my ear drum. I began visualizing things I'd like to experience in order to distract myself from the ear buzzing. Lost consciousness in a fraction of a second. I was then in my kitchen where I found 3 large saucepans filled with rice and then I couldn't remember getting out of bed at which point I realized I was having a false awakening.

When projecting I usually do not bother to walk or do anything normal. This time I walked to the garden door without feeling heavy or stuck to the ground. I opened the door with my hands rather than just walking straight through it. As I walked out I felt the wind blow across my skin and I was breathing in and out. There was a nice pleasant smell. My garden is in an undesirable state which looked identical to the one in reality.

I began thinking of all the plants I knew of, some I created with my wild imagination. In an instant they began appearing nicely arranged in my garden. This was great and I was just smiling all the way throughout.

Across my garden is another row of houses with adjoining gardens. I flew across wanting to see what the other garden looks like. The only thing I've seen in reality in this garden opposite mine is a large shed and a door with broken window. When I flew across everything was beginning to get hazy and dark I felt at that moment that I'm only seeing what I'm expecting to see and if I don't expect to see anything I probably wouldn't. So I began expecting to see plant pots and so on. I flew higher to get a better view of the garden, there were plant pots as I expected.

I somehow woke up from this closed my eyes to try it again. My right ear was buzzing even more annoyingly. I wanted to really do it again but ended up forcing myself out of it.

The buzzing itself did not hurt, it's just one of those annoying internal sensations that just feel so weird.

October 22, 2007

Another Phasing

Woke up at 6 am, couldn't sleep so I thought about projecting. However, I didn't care as much about projecting as I did about getting enough sleep. So I induced sleep instead but ended up with sleep paralysis. I noticed I was able to move my arms so I grabbed the edge of my bed and for some reason held on tight. I'm not sure if I was semi paralysed or I was half out. As I held on tight my head was vibrating and I felt the vibration was causing my brain to expand and contract, this sensation was pleasant.

Everything was of course dark, the way many of my projections start off. I began visualizing scenes which involved beaches and mountainous views. Then images began flashing before me, but they were not what I visualized. In fact I can't remember much about the images because they were flashing by faster than the speed of light. These images had a golden glow around them which would sometimes blend into a light shade of blue. The colours of the images were vibrant. I remember at some point I slowed things down and was seeing dolls, china dolls.

After a while of this something amazing happened. Everything just froze, all time seemed to have stopped. I was viewing a metal pole and then I became it. I was the pole. It's hard to explain it in words what that felt like but it was a very interesting experience. Next time, hopefully it will last longer.

October 13, 2007

Snowy screen

I woke up early morning and after 5 mins I closed my eyes. Behind my closed eye lids there was a snowy screen (The kind you get with TV reception problems). I was very aware of it. I opened my eyes and was still seeing the snowyness but it was transparent, I was also able to see my bedroom through it.

I closed my eyes expecting more, instead I fell asleep having several vivid dreams.

October 11, 2007

5 Projections and a meeting

Woke up 5:00 am then went back to sleep by 6:00 am - I seem to be doing this a lot lately.

I projected about 5 times and had no body vibrations. Each time I projected I had mobility problems and would start projecting all over again. I'd either sink through the floors or everything would just go dark. With each try I tried moving until my last projection I would glide around my house that looked very different. There were more rooms. I entered each room, they all looked the same. These rooms were empty. I started visualizing things I would like to see in these rooms but nothing seemed to work. This would've normally left me frustrated but I didn't even attempt to project.

I gave up trying to make things appear and somehow ended up in a room full of several people. Seemed like a meeting. I can't remember much about what was discussed since it's now vague. At some point a woman walked in, she looked like she was limping. Everyone fell silent and looked up at her. She was very pretty, I thought she might be a model.

Went on having several vivid dreams.

October 10, 2007

Channel Tuning

I had those really intense vibrations again. My right ear was buzzing and vibrating and felt like it was about to pop. This time I remained calm instead of trying to force myself out of it. It was dark at first and then I thought I saw an outline of a person. I assumed that it must be my spirit guide or higher self since I've been intending to visit either one of them. Then I got myself worried thinking it might be something evil. I realize I don't interact much with other beings or even people in the astral and this might have a lot to do with this fear of mine. I guess I'm just not ready yet.

I began floating which I enjoyed and is always fun. My body and ear was still vibrating and buzzing. Then it intensified until I felt like I was the vibration. I was thinking of the collective consciousness Abraham channeled by Esther Hicks. They mention that we are vibrational beings and that everything is a vibration. At that moment I knew exactly what they meant.

The vibrations were now comfortable and felt rather soothing although the buzzing in my ears were still a bit annoying and quite persistent. The outline of the person that I thought could be my spirit guide transformed into scrambled letters. It was a word that began with P. At first I thought it said 'Please' and after a while it seemed to spell 'Praise'. Then the lines transformed into frequency waves. It seemed like I was tuning a TV screen. I saw a person wearing red seated on a chair staring down at their iPod. The frequency waves came into view followed by a change of scene. I was now watching a clip of Rugrats. Then the frequency waves came again. Then a new scene. I could see the outline of a plant pot in a dim hallway - reminded me of the hallways in Resident Evil.

I woke up after this. My body was still slightly vibrating and there was a pressure in the middle of my forehead. I think I was out for about 5 mins.

October 4, 2007

Out and bouts of sleep paralysis

This morning I woke up at 5:00 am did a quick breathing exercise and fell asleep at around 6:00 am. I hear my niece calling me in a soft whisper several times, I wonder why she would be calling me when she's not sleeping in my room. I begin floating 180 degrees then facing my window. I'm not trying to go out or do anything, it's just all taking place without my will power. I just flow with it by the time I try to get out of the window I don't expect anything and all is dark, like I'm in the void. Here I think about where I would like to go. I think of tropical islands but soon wake up catching my breath as though I were deprived of oxygen for hours. I imagine that's how being resuscitated feels like.

It seems niece was sleeping in the spare bed in my room. I asked her if she was calling me earlier on. She didn't. I slept in today, the whole morning. In between hours I woke up in the SP state. I estimate I was in the SP state for a total of 6 or 8 times.

Popworld - 17th Sept 2007

Went back to sleep at 7:30 am. Mild body vibes then floated upwards to the ceiling. I could clearly see the texture of the ceiling. I was spinning 360 degrees. Feeling somewhat dizzy I kept closing my eyes and the open eyes to phsyical and with the blink of an eye went back to astral. I stayed calm and passive. Suddenly I hear a tune, it's Shakira singing 'La tortura' in my head. Then a screen appeared before me. Britney Spears giving an interview. She's talking about P Diddy saying she will sing about him and in her song instead of saying P Diddy she will say U Diddy. Then she says something about J Lo which I can't remember.

At Cousins - 16th Sept 2007

I projected to my cousins house, looks pretty much the same in reality. My Cousins wife was in the dining room. I began touching her sofa and felt the velvet texture it was extremely real. Then I felt the walls, lumpy texture. It made the whole experience so clear. I went out in the streets nearby - it was a lot different. More shops and people. I was just flying around. Nothing new really, but flying just never gets old.

Wasted Opportunity - 28th Aug 2007

Around 7ish AM I tried to sleep for a bit longer. My body began vibrating but it was the most intense in my head. I had the feeling that my ears were about to buzz and pop and in order to avoid it I was forcing myself to get out. I had vibrations and mild buzzing in ears before but this experience was the most uncomfortable. I woke up realizing I should've just went with the flow.

First time Astral Phasing - 7th Aug 2007

The day before this projection I went Thorpe Park, stayed there the whole day going on ride after ride. By the time I got home I was completely out of it. I was menstruating which made my body amplify in pain. I have noticed that if you spend your day doing strenuous activity it is so easy projecting of course I wouldn't advise it just to project, relaxing with a bit of patience works well too.

The projection - I woke up at 3:00 am, l began trying to fall back to sleep and noticed sparks and lines in the darkness of my closed eyes. They seemed like electrical currents. Then I was noticing - and this is key to astral phasing. You don't necessarily participate or focus on the what you see and hear or feel. What you do is you simply notice what's going on around you but remain passive. In other words you don't react to what's going on.

I heard voices, there were several. Above me were sheets of papers - perhaps it was a booklet. I couldn't read it. The voices sounded like they were mumbling. One voice was doing a countdown and the others joined in, it sounded like they were chanting. Then they spoke of rules and principles. I couldn't tell if they were talking to me, and if they were they seriously need to find better ways to get my attention rather than mumbling a bunch of rules.

I remembered not to focus too much and just flowed with the experience. At this point everything just warped into another scene. The scenes were changing so fast I was viewing at least 20 scenes per second. I can only remember some of them.

Scene 1 - I'm in a room where there are various clocks. Old fashioned clocks, modern clocks, digital clocks and every other types there are. The times were different on each clock.

Scene 2 - I step inside a nice cosy house, for some reason it feels so familiar. I get this feeling that it's my home in another dimension. Soon there is a woman walking by, I never saw her face. From the back she looked a lot like me, same figure and hair. I was calling out to her but she began to run. The more I tried contacting her the more faster she was running. I assumed she was afraid, perhaps she thought I was a ghost or just maybe she was a figment of my imagination.

Scene 5 - I see my reflection in the mirror and smile.

Woke up a few times in the SP state then went on having a number of vivid dreams.

A Holosync Induced Projection - 26th April 2007

For a few days I had been listening to Holosync audio and then had this experience.

I woke up in the morning, did some breathing exercise, affirmations and intending a projection. Nothing was happening for quite long so I gave up and let sleep take over. I then opened my eyes and was having SP. I noticed how my body was in an unnatural position but drew my attention away from it as that hinders the projection.

Soon I am going in and out of projection. I woke up thinking I won't be able to go back to sleep now - still had hours of sleep left.

I did fall back to sleep and had the most intense vibrations in my head. I thought my head was going to implode. There was a blockage feeling in my ear. Then a bong sound went off - sounded similar to the sounds in the holosync audio, in fact I remember hearing it the night before in one audio. Then a female voice said 'You and I are no longer in vibrational alignment'. This reminded of the collective consciousness 'Abraham' channeled by Esther Hicks. The voice was talking quite a lot and sounded to authorative that I just chose to ignore what she was saying. I guess I was afraid of internalizing what was said.

I went on to have an infinite number of vivid dreams.

Listening to Holosync and combining that with an astral projection method can increase your chances of projecting. Unfortunately for me I just don't have enough patience listening to it.