October 22, 2007

Another Phasing

Woke up at 6 am, couldn't sleep so I thought about projecting. However, I didn't care as much about projecting as I did about getting enough sleep. So I induced sleep instead but ended up with sleep paralysis. I noticed I was able to move my arms so I grabbed the edge of my bed and for some reason held on tight. I'm not sure if I was semi paralysed or I was half out. As I held on tight my head was vibrating and I felt the vibration was causing my brain to expand and contract, this sensation was pleasant.

Everything was of course dark, the way many of my projections start off. I began visualizing scenes which involved beaches and mountainous views. Then images began flashing before me, but they were not what I visualized. In fact I can't remember much about the images because they were flashing by faster than the speed of light. These images had a golden glow around them which would sometimes blend into a light shade of blue. The colours of the images were vibrant. I remember at some point I slowed things down and was seeing dolls, china dolls.

After a while of this something amazing happened. Everything just froze, all time seemed to have stopped. I was viewing a metal pole and then I became it. I was the pole. It's hard to explain it in words what that felt like but it was a very interesting experience. Next time, hopefully it will last longer.

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