October 10, 2007

Channel Tuning

I had those really intense vibrations again. My right ear was buzzing and vibrating and felt like it was about to pop. This time I remained calm instead of trying to force myself out of it. It was dark at first and then I thought I saw an outline of a person. I assumed that it must be my spirit guide or higher self since I've been intending to visit either one of them. Then I got myself worried thinking it might be something evil. I realize I don't interact much with other beings or even people in the astral and this might have a lot to do with this fear of mine. I guess I'm just not ready yet.

I began floating which I enjoyed and is always fun. My body and ear was still vibrating and buzzing. Then it intensified until I felt like I was the vibration. I was thinking of the collective consciousness Abraham channeled by Esther Hicks. They mention that we are vibrational beings and that everything is a vibration. At that moment I knew exactly what they meant.

The vibrations were now comfortable and felt rather soothing although the buzzing in my ears were still a bit annoying and quite persistent. The outline of the person that I thought could be my spirit guide transformed into scrambled letters. It was a word that began with P. At first I thought it said 'Please' and after a while it seemed to spell 'Praise'. Then the lines transformed into frequency waves. It seemed like I was tuning a TV screen. I saw a person wearing red seated on a chair staring down at their iPod. The frequency waves came into view followed by a change of scene. I was now watching a clip of Rugrats. Then the frequency waves came again. Then a new scene. I could see the outline of a plant pot in a dim hallway - reminded me of the hallways in Resident Evil.

I woke up after this. My body was still slightly vibrating and there was a pressure in the middle of my forehead. I think I was out for about 5 mins.

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