October 25, 2007

Projecting Physical Senses

Right ear started buzzing quite annoyingly, it felt like it was my ear drum. I began visualizing things I'd like to experience in order to distract myself from the ear buzzing. Lost consciousness in a fraction of a second. I was then in my kitchen where I found 3 large saucepans filled with rice and then I couldn't remember getting out of bed at which point I realized I was having a false awakening.

When projecting I usually do not bother to walk or do anything normal. This time I walked to the garden door without feeling heavy or stuck to the ground. I opened the door with my hands rather than just walking straight through it. As I walked out I felt the wind blow across my skin and I was breathing in and out. There was a nice pleasant smell. My garden is in an undesirable state which looked identical to the one in reality.

I began thinking of all the plants I knew of, some I created with my wild imagination. In an instant they began appearing nicely arranged in my garden. This was great and I was just smiling all the way throughout.

Across my garden is another row of houses with adjoining gardens. I flew across wanting to see what the other garden looks like. The only thing I've seen in reality in this garden opposite mine is a large shed and a door with broken window. When I flew across everything was beginning to get hazy and dark I felt at that moment that I'm only seeing what I'm expecting to see and if I don't expect to see anything I probably wouldn't. So I began expecting to see plant pots and so on. I flew higher to get a better view of the garden, there were plant pots as I expected.

I somehow woke up from this closed my eyes to try it again. My right ear was buzzing even more annoyingly. I wanted to really do it again but ended up forcing myself out of it.

The buzzing itself did not hurt, it's just one of those annoying internal sensations that just feel so weird.

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