March 23, 2013

Hemi-Sync Break

I haven't had the time for hemi sync practice and I don't think I will for a while now. I have decided to commence the practice again in the winter when I have more free time.

The next several months will be focused on intermittent fasting, proper nutrition (focused on brain developement), a study which will be focused on memory skills and exercise (cycling, walking, jogging).

March 22, 2013

Food for the Brain

I went to a lecture regarding the impact of diet on the brain. I am not one to be drawn to lectures neither have I ever attended one. This one however was calling me and I am so glad that I went. Started to understand a lot more in regards to some of the changes I was going through and how a change in diet was impacting my brain and further steps that I need to take in order to help brain functions. A lot of what I learnt I was already incorporating. Here's a list:

Flavanoids - found in cacao I'm sure there are also other foods that contain flavanoids
Curcumin - found in turmeric powder, ginger
Essential Fatty Acids DHA, EPA - eggs salmon sardines linseeds
fruits berries etc - I think the wild fruits are best
vegetables for their nutritional content
Calorific restriction diet - studies revealed reducing calories every other day was beneficial but not as much as fasting
Intermittent fasting - learnt that for the effects of diet improving brain function (creating nuerons etc) it was best to fast every other day - in the lecture nothing was mentioned about why studies have revealed how fasting helped and the answer came to me - because energy is not wasted on digestion and focuses on regenerating whatever cells are required in the body.
Exercise - this one is important but should be avoided when fasting
A good healthy environment

Things that decline brain cell regeneration:
stress which leads to bad eating habits, environmental factors

A very peculiar thing happened as I sat and listened, near the middle of my brows inside somewhere in the brain there was a tremor or vibrational sensation it was vigorous and persistent for a good 5 minutes.


Woke at 3:15am. From yesterday I have been having digestive issues, some cramps present, sharp pains in what I think may be the kidneys, the cramping tightening were present when I awoke. Did a bit of studying since it was hard to fall asleep - eventually when I did doze off I could still feel the cramps. Still awake and alert I felt I was rising got a clear look around and realized that I was probably about 3 to 4 feet above my bed. Closed eyes wanting to remain there but I could still feel cramping and what felt like my bowels opening. Opened eyes again still wondering if I was in some astral from or actually physically levitating - I was more certain of the latter. I felt very solid. There was some sexual urges present. Mother nature was calling - had to empty bowel or something would explode. Slowly the body was settling back down on the bed. When I opened eyes fully some kind of wave was pulsing in my head. I was disappointed not being able to explore this state further, it was unlike an astral projection experience but I can't be certain that it was definitely physical body that was levitating.

March 16, 2013

Clicking Sounds

This morning after a bit of cleaning and studies got back into bed, felt like I seriously needed to sleep. Closed eyes relaxed. The more still and silent I remain the more noticeable the others are when eyes are closed. Again there was a sudden rapid head shifting left right. This time I eased into it but with a little aggression. I started to feel the others above me yet at the same time somewhere inside, again this is really hard to describe. There was a magnetic pressure at the centre of the forehead, in fact as I type this I feel it. For a while brain has been pulsing with wave like feelings - cannot describe it clearly but at times I feel my brain might explode.

Legs were tingling and then there were some bulging sensations near digestive and endocrine system. This was followed by some strong aroused feelings. Base of spine was thumping and soon my body felt like it was having sexual intercourse.

I had a very emotional moment yesterday about Self and connection to the total Self, I think this mornings incident is related to that.

Later when  I got up there were clicking sounds in my head, these occurred several times and slowly died down throughout the day. I feel the brain is being worked on, changes are being made. I had a thought this morning that maybe there is a possibility of parasites feeding of decayed matter in the body, particularly at this stage in the brain. I don't think of parasites as parasites anymore just use this label since that's how most identify with - they are more like little helpers carrying out a function, they simply have a job to do and are present where they are needed.

March 13, 2013

World Wide Human Connection

This thought had gone on in my mind at one time and whilst it is fresh in my mind need to let it out. At first it was just an idea related to how the internet and the world wide web worked. Just like how you can pull information from the computer the same applied in the human brain. All memory is stored in the brain itself. I can access my brain right now rummaging through all memory stored and collected, but it goes beyond that - if I can get a strong connection with other human beings I can access the content of their brains and it doesn't stop there. There's also the potential for access to ancient memories passed on from ancestors. This is obviously not something new, there are many theories in the scientific field suggesting the potential to tap into the deep nature of DNA to uncover ancient memories.

I have had a Salvia experience somewhat related to what I wish to impart. During that experience there were helpers scanning other human brains in order to copy or activate some kind of function in my brain. I felt it was being copied from someone who was either dying or had died because of the scan, can't be sure which. From what I understood they were changing visual functions. Also there have been the more abstract experiences where I found my self to be inside another persons train of thought.

I am experimenting with this as I learn new skills - the process is very simple. It is almost as simple as setting forth intentions but obviously being a bit more specific.

In the mean time, here is a very interesting article on DNA memory.

An Attempt to Relax

Today after two hectic weeks - feeling very stressed and run down I attempted to relax. Thought that a nap might help. My mind was rampant as usual and I felt I may never relax. Took 3 deep breaths and focused on breathing. There were electrical tingling in left leg. Head nodding left right, the deeper I relaxed the more vigorous the movements.The head movements are really intriguing - really does feel like being possessed.

I eventually fell asleep, woke up about an hour later feeling heavy around the head  and not at all rejuvenated. I think the tiredness is a result of the stress I've been dealing with and this has dictated some old bad eating habits.

Good Day Bad Day

One day I put forth some intentions and being positive throughout the day, charging up good feelings and the next day took a huge dip. I have noticed this happening often. Another thing to note is when I make specific plans for anything it could be a project or what I want to do for that day things do not go accordingly and when I just go with the flow I can get more done. So no more planning, just go with the flow.

March 9, 2013

Powerful Intentions - Retake

I have been thinking I need to start creating consciously in my life, time to revisit the Law of Attraction materials dusting away on my shelf. However, I recall I put it off because a lot of my desires were materialistic and there was  no lasting fulfillment from them. Then eventually I got to a stage where I did not have the need nor desire for anything except eating healthy, focusing on my well being etc. Now I have become very simple, I still don't want much from life. Rather than focusing on what I can get out of life, my focus is on what I can give back. Community, neighbors, environment and the well being of all people from all walks of life has become a lot more important.

This is one of the reason why I've started a project for an eco village which is still in the planning phase, right now I haven't formed a group - just starting it alone hoping eventually the group will form as is the case with many eco villages. I sit here and I wonder how can I use LOA to help me out with this and it dawns on me that I'm already using it - it's just one of those laws that just is and I can't help but use it. Synchronicities continue to occur on a daily basis although I don't always notice it, they've become the norm and have even lost their 'wow' factor.

I still want to put some conscious thoughts into it the way I initially did when I first started playing around with it - those times were incredible fun. I hope to journal future manifestations that are to occur. For now, I'm sticking with the eco-village plan and using all intentions towards this.

March 1, 2013

Hatched Egg

Had a peculiar dream and woke up feeling very weird - can't explain.

Of the dream I recall an egg somewhere from the batch of eggs that I eat one was starting to hatch and it was scary, amazing and profound. I observe it watching it move around it looks strange, rubbery and technical.