March 13, 2013

World Wide Human Connection

This thought had gone on in my mind at one time and whilst it is fresh in my mind need to let it out. At first it was just an idea related to how the internet and the world wide web worked. Just like how you can pull information from the computer the same applied in the human brain. All memory is stored in the brain itself. I can access my brain right now rummaging through all memory stored and collected, but it goes beyond that - if I can get a strong connection with other human beings I can access the content of their brains and it doesn't stop there. There's also the potential for access to ancient memories passed on from ancestors. This is obviously not something new, there are many theories in the scientific field suggesting the potential to tap into the deep nature of DNA to uncover ancient memories.

I have had a Salvia experience somewhat related to what I wish to impart. During that experience there were helpers scanning other human brains in order to copy or activate some kind of function in my brain. I felt it was being copied from someone who was either dying or had died because of the scan, can't be sure which. From what I understood they were changing visual functions. Also there have been the more abstract experiences where I found my self to be inside another persons train of thought.

I am experimenting with this as I learn new skills - the process is very simple. It is almost as simple as setting forth intentions but obviously being a bit more specific.

In the mean time, here is a very interesting article on DNA memory.

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