March 16, 2013

Clicking Sounds

This morning after a bit of cleaning and studies got back into bed, felt like I seriously needed to sleep. Closed eyes relaxed. The more still and silent I remain the more noticeable the others are when eyes are closed. Again there was a sudden rapid head shifting left right. This time I eased into it but with a little aggression. I started to feel the others above me yet at the same time somewhere inside, again this is really hard to describe. There was a magnetic pressure at the centre of the forehead, in fact as I type this I feel it. For a while brain has been pulsing with wave like feelings - cannot describe it clearly but at times I feel my brain might explode.

Legs were tingling and then there were some bulging sensations near digestive and endocrine system. This was followed by some strong aroused feelings. Base of spine was thumping and soon my body felt like it was having sexual intercourse.

I had a very emotional moment yesterday about Self and connection to the total Self, I think this mornings incident is related to that.

Later when  I got up there were clicking sounds in my head, these occurred several times and slowly died down throughout the day. I feel the brain is being worked on, changes are being made. I had a thought this morning that maybe there is a possibility of parasites feeding of decayed matter in the body, particularly at this stage in the brain. I don't think of parasites as parasites anymore just use this label since that's how most identify with - they are more like little helpers carrying out a function, they simply have a job to do and are present where they are needed.

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