March 22, 2013

Food for the Brain

I went to a lecture regarding the impact of diet on the brain. I am not one to be drawn to lectures neither have I ever attended one. This one however was calling me and I am so glad that I went. Started to understand a lot more in regards to some of the changes I was going through and how a change in diet was impacting my brain and further steps that I need to take in order to help brain functions. A lot of what I learnt I was already incorporating. Here's a list:

Flavanoids - found in cacao I'm sure there are also other foods that contain flavanoids
Curcumin - found in turmeric powder, ginger
Essential Fatty Acids DHA, EPA - eggs salmon sardines linseeds
fruits berries etc - I think the wild fruits are best
vegetables for their nutritional content
Calorific restriction diet - studies revealed reducing calories every other day was beneficial but not as much as fasting
Intermittent fasting - learnt that for the effects of diet improving brain function (creating nuerons etc) it was best to fast every other day - in the lecture nothing was mentioned about why studies have revealed how fasting helped and the answer came to me - because energy is not wasted on digestion and focuses on regenerating whatever cells are required in the body.
Exercise - this one is important but should be avoided when fasting
A good healthy environment

Things that decline brain cell regeneration:
stress which leads to bad eating habits, environmental factors

A very peculiar thing happened as I sat and listened, near the middle of my brows inside somewhere in the brain there was a tremor or vibrational sensation it was vigorous and persistent for a good 5 minutes.

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