March 9, 2013

Powerful Intentions - Retake

I have been thinking I need to start creating consciously in my life, time to revisit the Law of Attraction materials dusting away on my shelf. However, I recall I put it off because a lot of my desires were materialistic and there was  no lasting fulfillment from them. Then eventually I got to a stage where I did not have the need nor desire for anything except eating healthy, focusing on my well being etc. Now I have become very simple, I still don't want much from life. Rather than focusing on what I can get out of life, my focus is on what I can give back. Community, neighbors, environment and the well being of all people from all walks of life has become a lot more important.

This is one of the reason why I've started a project for an eco village which is still in the planning phase, right now I haven't formed a group - just starting it alone hoping eventually the group will form as is the case with many eco villages. I sit here and I wonder how can I use LOA to help me out with this and it dawns on me that I'm already using it - it's just one of those laws that just is and I can't help but use it. Synchronicities continue to occur on a daily basis although I don't always notice it, they've become the norm and have even lost their 'wow' factor.

I still want to put some conscious thoughts into it the way I initially did when I first started playing around with it - those times were incredible fun. I hope to journal future manifestations that are to occur. For now, I'm sticking with the eco-village plan and using all intentions towards this.

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