March 22, 2013


Woke at 3:15am. From yesterday I have been having digestive issues, some cramps present, sharp pains in what I think may be the kidneys, the cramping tightening were present when I awoke. Did a bit of studying since it was hard to fall asleep - eventually when I did doze off I could still feel the cramps. Still awake and alert I felt I was rising got a clear look around and realized that I was probably about 3 to 4 feet above my bed. Closed eyes wanting to remain there but I could still feel cramping and what felt like my bowels opening. Opened eyes again still wondering if I was in some astral from or actually physically levitating - I was more certain of the latter. I felt very solid. There was some sexual urges present. Mother nature was calling - had to empty bowel or something would explode. Slowly the body was settling back down on the bed. When I opened eyes fully some kind of wave was pulsing in my head. I was disappointed not being able to explore this state further, it was unlike an astral projection experience but I can't be certain that it was definitely physical body that was levitating.

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