March 5, 2009

Zooming In and Out

Time: 6:50
Technique: WBTB and Affirmation
Mood: Calm and relaxed
Duration: 15 mins

Experience: After being awake for almost two hours doing nothing (I can use these awake times to listen to hemi-sync and next time intend on doing so). Once I felt more sleepy I affirmed 'I astral project' and closed my eyes. Shortly after I sensed the onset of vibrations in my head and some buzzing type sensation and sounds. I could still sense my physical body and was lying on my front with my arms on the pillow. The sounds were low but the sensations were intense. A minute or so later I got up in a very drunk manner, thought I felt somewhat light as though I can pass through solid matter my hands pressed down on the mattress. I was definitely still in my room, on my bed, my body, everything seemed physical. Despite appearances I felt different - spaced out - zoned out, but doubting that I was APing. I sat up and looked at the window, at the closed blinds . Suddenly I zoomed to the blinds and then backwards. As I zoomed back I felt tiny like I had once before in another experience - my entire room was a giant version. Just as soon as I thought I couldn't get any smaller I was back in bed feeling mild vibrations and buzzing in head. I deliberately decided to end it - snapped out and returned to C-1.


David Mathis said...

Interesting. So you thought you were still in the physical but you had actually projected?

I am anxious to read your next post.

Jasmine said...

I'm certain it was a projection - zooming backwards with my body in the original position, lying down front side with arms on pillow seems to confirm this but then I can't be too sure since everything had felt physical.

It's also possible that I moved physically - experienced an altered state of consciousness. The reason why I think this is possible is because of something strange that happened recently during normal waking consciousness. I'll write about it soon in a post.