March 17, 2009

Daily Practices

These past few weeks I have been extremely busy, but I realise even with such a busy lifestyle I can do things that will help me relax and perhaps ease some of the stress I've been feeling lately. I have noticed that stress comes with a feeling that everything feels like work even relaxing. With a deliberate intention to practice relaxation I should be able to regain some balance. Here are some things I intend on including in my daily routine to help me relax and progress on my personal development:

Meditation - I've put meditation off for far too long now, my intention is to meditate for at least 15 minutes every day. I started already a few days ago, managed to practice at night before falling asleep.

Hemi-sync - Gateway Experience, Wave I - I now have the remaining Wave Cd's in this series, but intend on listening to Wave I for about a month before I move on to Wave II.

Deep Breathing - I don't know why I don't practice this every day, it's so incredibly easy and requires only 5 minutes. Started this morning and I'm already feeling calmer and at ease today. My intention is to practice deep breathing at different intervals - morning, midday and evening. I will be practicing deep breathing at least once a day since I use this to relax and proceed with meditation.

Introspection - I used to do this almost every day up until the start of this year. A good 20 minutes to 1 hour of examining my thoughts and emotions on a regular basis has helped me in the past. I find it shifts my perspective on all things that matters to me on a very deep level. This is also a time when I set goals and intentions. My desire to spend more time on this is intense, therefore less need to set an intention.

Hypnosis - I haven't listened to any of my hypnosis Cd's for a long time. Not sure if the effects of hypnosis are more temporary than they are permanent. Then again the results I've had in the past were minor - I think they were actually in proportion to the amount of times I practiced, which was just a brief period. I intend on listening to hypnosis on occasions rather than on a daily basis.

Of course there are more ways to simplify ones life and I'm not limiting myself to these tools nor are these tools limited for the sole purpose of relieving stress since each tool has many benefits.

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