July 28, 2011

Death Dream

At 4ish am woke up from a dream where I get this really bad feeling just before I receive a text message that my dad has passed away. I am in shock and tell family members. I feel some sadness but more than that I am bemused by the incident. I open eyes physically awake yet carrying those same feelings - relieved that it was just a dream.

The others were present - hazily fluttering in the surroundings almost as if to get my attention. I briefly felt that they created this dream to wake me up here in the physical and yet at the same there is this undeniable feeling of an impending loss. It doesn't help that there is some connection between the dream and reality as I have found out only today that my dad has been feeling very sick - it's interesting that I had this dream this morning since my dad just arrived yesterday from his holiday. When I saw him I had a feeling that something was wrong but he was being quiet about it.

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