August 20, 2010

Ausome Water and Ormus

I am currently researching Ausome water and Ormus. I will be ordering the A Water soon, intuitively feel this is the next step and just feel so guided to head in this direction. As yet my expectations are very low but the signal to get this is so strong, with the ormus not so much but still feel guided to do more research.

I have read the testimonials and from that I've gathered it is safe - after all it is pure water energetically charged.

I'm not sure why I even want to take the Ausome water, but it is like I am being drawn to these pockets of information about this and that and then something is sparked and the urges seem to play out by themselves. It has been the same way with Salvia - I obsessed several days about the legal issues of certain natural plants such as cannabis and eventually researching this area I found out about Salvia which led me to explore an area I was very cautious about in the past.

Since the beginning of this year a lot of stuff has played out like this such as my adaptation to a vegan diet and so much more. This year everything has been synchronistically falling into place so smoothly, so subtle though I would not have been able to notice it all if I weren't so aware.

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