January 21, 2013

Hemi Sync Weekly Update

14/01/2013 - Advanced Focus 10
Around 10 pm shadow silhouttes percieved through closed eyelids near about focus 10 state - sensations around body in sync with the movements of others - the same others from Salvia experiences, not sure what they are doing.

15/01/2013 - Advanced Focus 10
My intention was to start the audio much earlier around 7-8pm but between that time and after midnight so much on my mind. I was also thinking about Divine Beloved, requested it to come forth however it wished. I recall pouring my heart out and then remained still and let the thoughts pour out. I was told many things  but of that the most essential insight was that Divine Beloved is in everything including the goosebumps I have felt in the past and that it is never far away. My mind pondered on every connection I have had with the Divine trying to piece things together.

After midnight I think it was almost 1am I put my earphones on and relaxed. After or maybe during REBAL I felt a breeze and then the goosebumps, there was some tingling near upper lip and around face region. I smiled, happy with the confirmation. I continued to relax and for the briefest second I let go so completely. There was a melody, one that I have heard before in a Salvia experience when physical reality as I knew it was about to end. Awareness was almost completely lost of myself, my environment and everything that pertained to existence, when suddenly I heard Monroe's voice just about starting the count up to F10. It is very interesting that Salvia type experiences are taking place with Hemi-Sync. I personally do not want to categorize these experiences as they have more to do with the operation of the brain or mind - Salvia and Hemi-sync are the tools that awaken functions of the brain.

16/01/2013 - Advanced Focus 10
5pm tried to relax as much as I could but two people AR and SP constantly kept irritating me after an incident. I put them in the energy conversion box which helped very little. Clicked out at some point. Towards end felt tired and sleepy. It is more efficient if you practice these sessions with less conflict, perhaps in these situation I should consider using the Release and Recharge exercise.

Later in the night 10 or 11pm tried it one more time again those two annoying people somehow barged into my mental space. I relaxed and fell asleep. This morning had a astral type experience.

17/01/2013 - Release and Recharge
Odd, I tried to think of a fear but nothing popped out. I know there are some fears that are still present but lately I feel my issues differ slight from fear issues. Instead I should be working perhaps with some anger issues and other emotions other than fear.

I think next time if I can't think of a fear issue I may instead think of a goal or something that I want to achieve and see how that plays out, can't recall but maybe there's another audio in the program that is for this particular use.

19/01/2013 -
 First I should note that I have been feeling an odd sensation on left side of temple, spasm like contractions and internal movements, could be hemi-sync related.

20/01/2013 - Sleep Exploration and Advanced Focus 10
Was far too frustrated to listen properly and follow exercise. Felt fidgety and agitated - during these states it is pointless to even attempt any session.

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