January 17, 2013

Chubby Energy Body Waking In Others

Early morning around 4am I woke up with earphones still intact from Gateway Experience. Could not sleep and eventually just did a bit of revision in my head which I noticed is helping. It lulls the mind much like a mantra.I could feel the sleepiness coming on and in the midst of the revision I dozed off when suddenly a white light flashed, opened eyes not sure it could be a plane since it was too bright as though it was internal. Continued to relax and started to feel the familiar astral sensations. I anticipated those nasty blackboard scratching effects but fortunately it did not appear. Instead scenes started to rapidly emerge. I felt the familiar sinking feelings from other travels only this time there was visuals of where I was sinking into.

There was a wardrobe in front of wherever I was lying down. I was trying to figure out what room I was in but was not certain if it was in my house. The scene would constantly morph into other rooms that had wardrobes facing the bed. In the last scene I perceived the familiar energy body which is sometimes like a silhouette, a physical form or phantom like. This time it was phantom, I felt it but could not see clearly. I raised the arms, they felt magnetic and something else as well as myself was moving it about. The energy felt different, it was light and yet at the same time there was a heaviness. The arms felt very chubby - energy felt highly concentrated. At some point I felt like I was materializing on the bed and had this feeling that things were going to get sexual. Some other brief moments I caught myself, some part of me creating the scenes.

At the end of it I got this feeling, an understanding that I was awakening in others, in their rooms and bodies. With Salvia it is a lot more stronger and obvious but it can be done without the use of plants. The spell was broken by external noise and I think I awakened not from the experience but a sleep state.

My guess is that I am or the consciousness of 'I am' is in all people and everything. Every cell, every atom is a portal in which this consciousness resides. And now the question still remains - Who or what is this consciousness?

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