February 3, 2013

Hemi Sync Weekly Update

31/1/2013 - Have not listened to any Hemi-sync past few days due to stressful situation and certain change going on in my life right now. This tends to happen getting deep into hemi-sync and has happened in the past. Externally there is some kind of storm brewing, I can feel it but try my best not to let it get to me - now I know why I had put off this program for a long time, simply not willing for those changes, too messy. Intend to try a session tonight.

- Intro to F10
Fell asleep throughout, woke up in a sweat. Exhausted this week.

This week haven't bothered with the program, with a busy schedule and lots on my mind it has been difficult. I think there is also something else going on physically. For almost 3 or 4 consecutive nights I have been waking up in a pool of sweat. Either body is fighting an infection or simply excreting toxins through the sweat with no cold or flu nor any evidence of a fever.  Not sure if I'll be listening to the program in the coming week, thinking I should focus on getting more sleep and letting the body recover. One thing I should note here and it's not really hemi-sync related is an incident that took place this morning. Half awake and half asleep from some time after 3am became aware of the body rocking back and forth, could be due to the recent visit of sexual energies (usually present during m cycle) only awareness of this motion did not present any sexual sensations or arousal instead I found it comforting sort of like if someone were to sing a lullaby to put me to sleep.

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