February 17, 2013

Hemi Sync Weekly Update

11/02/2013 - Advanced F10
Listened to the audio, feeling too lazy to go through prep steps on my own. REBAL feels light yet solid there is that similar bouncy feeling that I have had near legs since Salvia which is also strongly present in head most of the times if I remain still and quiet. Relaxed deeply and eventually zoned out it was almost like a click out but partial.

13/02/2013 - F10 without audio
By the time I got to the REBAL I just could not relax, mostly mentally which also applied some tension near my head region. My intention for todays session was a direct connection with the older wiser part of my self. I think if I am to do this without guidance I need to start small perhaps focus on relaxing the body and mind. I have thought about using hemi-sync 'Opening the Heart' but have this strong feeling doing so will open up Pandora's box rather than the heart so I am leaving it for now.

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