March 17, 2008

An Astral Projection with free control of my astral body...

Woke up at 3:45am from a very intense dream. Pondered the dream and went back to sleep with a mild intention to project.

I had a few more very vivid dreams until in one dream I climbed up somewhere saw my cousin and asked her for help. She lifted me up and I think disappeared. I saw a tiny door, went through it.

I suddenly find myself waking up in a bed and realize it's not mine. I'm in a double bed and the room is almost completely dark only there is a sort of brown shade. I try to move my arms and legs but they are tangled. Then I roll over and land on my feet.

I get out of the room and into the hallway. I walk down the stairs holding the rails. Everything is very solid, almost like a complete replica of the physical dimension. I see the carpet is identical to mine but the structure of the house is similar to my cousin's. At this point everything just seems unbelievable, even though I've astral projected many times the realness of this experience was just too intense.

I thought I might be sleep walking with partial awareness. I check out some of the rooms and find one that confirms I'm projecting.

I notice I have a pack of bacon in my hands, I get v. hungry and look for the kitchen. I open the refrigerator to see what else I could eat. Inside there's things that should not be there like Colgate toothpaste. As I head towards the kitchen I decide I am not bothered with cooking and get out of the house.

A car drives by with a couple inside smiling at each other looking very cheery. To my right on the street there are a couple of teenagers enjoying themselves. I walk towards them and look up at the sky. I'm ready to fly and just as I prepare to I wake up at 4:45 am without warning.

After-thoughts: Wow, my projections are becoming more clearer. The past few days I've been having intense vivid dreams that wake me up at the middle of the night which I think has contributed to this experience. For the first time I had almost complete control over my limbs (of course in a projection).

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