March 1, 2008

Deep Breathing

I've been practicing deep breathing recently and I've noticed since incorporating deep breathing I relax much faster. I now meditate almost daily and have noticed a significant difference between my usual breathing and deep breathing. Prior to practicing deep breathing when in meditation it would take me between 20 to 40 minutes to relax fully. Now that I'm breathing deeply and slowly I can fully relax withing 5 minutes. I'm more motivated now to meditate because it's so much easier to relax.

Find out how you normally breathe by placing your palms on your lower abdomen and blow out all the air. Then take in a deep breath slowly. If your abdomen expands when you inhale you're breathing properly. However, if your chest and shoulders should rise and your abdomen sucks in rather than stick out you really should consider practicing deep breathing the healthier way. Click here for a wonderful site explaining, with some visual aide on how to breathe properly.

I think it would be best practicing deep breathing at least once everyday. It would also be beneficial to do this at times of stress and anxiety due to it's relaxing effects.

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