December 13, 2008

Built In Hypnotist

At 10:35 this morning I made an attempt to AP using the breathing technique. Did not ask for any assistance this time. I couldn't seem to focus clearly as my mind was rampant with thoughts. Tried the third eye chakra meditation which I haven't practiced in a long time. It was a lot easier to focus on the sensations which were intensifying between my brows. Eventually found myself in a mind awake/ body asleep state where I began hearing a male voice saying 'you have to wait for the 1.13' or something along those lines. Of course I had no idea what that meant or that it was even directed at me. I could be picking up on thoughts.

Eventually my ears began vibrating - I should be used to this by now but it is very uncomfortable although not painful. Heard another male voice, he began with telling me to relax, almost whispering the words. Perhaps this was a diversion from focusing on the ear vibes and if so it helped. His voice oscillated between my right and left ear much like in some of the Paul McKenna Hypnosis Programmes. I actually became quite comfortable with the vibes but maybe because it was slowing down. Unfortunately, I was faced with a new problem, there was a tickling sensation on my right cheek and felt as though something was crawling, I forced myself out of the SP state at 11:00am.

My first listening of hypnosis was in July of this year and I've been listening to some more programmes off and on in the past two months. I've had two experiences so far where I can clearly hear a hypnotic voice, the other instance occured in Guided to Outer Space.

I wonder now, if I'm drawing out these voices from my subconscious or there are actually non-physical entities who are probably using those methods I am accustomed to. Of course I believe in Spirit Guides and Higher-Selves but that all is really a matter of faith, not an absolute known. Either way I think asking for assistance is somehow helping.

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