December 3, 2008

Long Time In 3D Blackness

Attempted AP at 7am. Turned around to my left side to get comfortable, then my right and continued shifting positions until I shifted on my back and focused lightly on my breathing.

My neck suddenly became heavy followed by my face. As this was occurring I felt a wave passing through my entire body. At this stage it was clear that I was entering SP. I felt wind gushing in/through my ears. My right ear began to vibrate - this vibration was passing between both my ears and the sensation was also felt in my head. I almost resisted when an aeroplane passed by high above in the sky (in the physical) - I felt the noise from the plane was making the vibration even more erratic.

With some courage I continued to raise my awareness by not reacting so much. Images of unusual shapes and blobs of light were in my field of vision - passing from left to right with the ongoing of sensations in my head and ears.

Everything became blank when I perceived my body floating up and rotating, then my window became visible. I began to sink down very fast losing my sight. I found myself in a 3D blackness with a steady level of consciousness. Wasn't sure what to do next but I could feel as though I was moving. I asked for some clarity which didn't work, then I commanded 'lights on' which also failed. At this stage I noticed squiggly lines which were transforming into wave lines revealing some kind of frequency pattern. A blip emerged and growing bigger in size and transforming in shape, it became familiar when I realised the last time I noticed this I thought it was some kind of symbol in Map Directions. It vanished just as quickly as it appeared.

My vision returned with my arms up in the air in front of me. I gained some control over my arms by waving them about. Lost consciousness and woke up at 7:35am.

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