December 10, 2008

On The Radio

Woke up at 4:20am. At 6:30am I attempted to AP by focusing on my breathing - it was difficult and the process took about 40 minutes, mostly because my mind was occupied with plans for the rest of the day. Prior to the attempt, I asked for my spirit guide(s) or higher self to assist me.

Finally letting go of all tension I felt mild vibrations in my head, suddenly heard what sounded like the static sound when tuning into a radio station and lost all sensations of my body. The static noise would stop at a station, play a song for a while and then tune into another station where another song would be played. In between I was able to hear radio DJs' and what sounded like news reporters. I focused on the song lyrics, songs I've never heard before but sounded familiar and absolutely amazing. There was one particular song I was focused on and trying my best to memorise it, it was really odd because I was actually singing along as if I knew the words.

The words were not in English, nor any other language I'm familiar with unless Gibberish counts as a language. I realised the words were not all that important and tried my best to memorise the melody instead. Unfortunately, I can't remember it. I think a lot of creativity and inspiritation occurs in this hightened state of awareness - if only my memory served me well.

Body sensations returned with the sense of being back in bed, in a groggy state moved the covers which were blocking my view. After looking around I realised I was not in my bedroom. A few seconds later as I awakened, I felt intense pulsating sensations in the solar plexus. It was 7:50am and I was still feeling rather groggy and felt like I needed days of sleep, a few minutes later normal alert waking state returned.

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