December 2, 2008

A Dream of Astral Projection Method Statistics

Last night, on a whim I thought about trying out an Astral Projection method since I was having trouble falling asleep. The only method that I seem to be bothered with is the Astral Phasing Technique.

I was up for over an hour trying to get my body completely relaxed using the deep breathing method. I haven't been practicing deep breathing since stopping meditation so at first it was difficult almost as if I completely forgot how to. Eventually, noticed I was breathing in a nice rhythmic pattern and followed the breath. My attention shifted to a familiar pressure between my brows which intensified with each breath.

It was at this point I intended to practice noticing behind my closed eyelids but it was nice finally getting in that calm state of mind and I actually wanted to just drift off to sleep. I'm not sure what space I was in but when I opened my eyes 5 minutes before midnight I felt like I had slept for a good 8 hours when in actual fact my eyes were closed for twenty minutes. I'm certain that I could've stayed up for the entire night feeling energized had I not forced myself to fall asleep at 2:00am in fear of feeling sleepy in the morning.

I can recall quite a lot of dreams - most of them making no sense with a few that seemed significant.

In one particular dream I was staring at a page of Astral Projection Method Statistics. At the top of the page was the term 'Projection by faith'. There were other methods on the list I can't recall very well but the projection by faith method had the highest score.

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