November 26, 2008

Putting off meditation temporarily

I've been putting off meditation in the recent weeks due to busy schedule and have been experiencing a lot of needless stress which I believe may have caused some asthma symptoms to resurface. In the past few days I have been relaxing more and noticed how my asthma symptoms are slowly disappearing.

Although I haven't been meditating at all, I have been listening to some hypnosis on concentration and memory and lucid dreaming.

I think the lucid dreaming hypnosis is helping me recall my dreams in greater detail.


Psychic said...

You shouldn't have quit meditation since stress attacks deeply now that you were cleansed and vulnerable to new bad woos.

Jasmine said...

You are right, the stress has been attacking deeply especially since stopping meditation altogether.

What I realised is that I have at times felt this stressed to some degree in the past but it has never felt so bad. It's only now I'm feeling, quite severely, the discomfort in the discomfort.

I intend on going back to meditating soon.

Thank you for the comment.