November 14, 2008

A Fully Conscious Attempt

This morning I decided to try and consciously AP. I say 'consciously' because this time I was wide awake. I had woken up at 5:30am and had difficulty going back to sleep, mostly because I had a lot on my mind. This seems to be the case now, where I wake up earlier than usual and later on feel sleep deprived.

By 8:00am I decided to give it a shot. I lay back in bed still with a very active mind finding it almost impossible to relax. I repeated the word 'relax' several times which was only making me more tense. Then I repeated the mantra 'OM', this was surprisingly distracting me from my busy mind. The mantra soon evolved to 'OM SHANTI SHANTI'. Soon I felt the onset of that annoying sound in my right ear. It eventually became audible and intolerable as usual. Still chanting mantra, the sound moved to my left ear, now audible in both ears I wasn't sure I could move past this stage.

I remember last time I somehow tuned into it, so I listened carefully with some bravery hoping to make the same connection. I don't know how I did it, but I did. Although I couldn't see anything I percieved that my body was slowly floating upwards and heading for the window. My vision became clear at this point, outside everything had a violet hue shade with the sky having the lightest violet tone. Just as I excitedly thought 'I've done it' my body began to sink, seeming to spiral downwards. Maybe I should have looked up?

Still very focused in a relaxed state I was back in bed with both my ears ringing with that same screeching sound. I was stuck in an 'in between' state where I began hearing some unfamiliar music fading in and out. Eventually the experience warped into several dreams. I opened my eyes at 8:25am.


Anonymous said...

Although it sucks that you returned to your body so quickly, it may have been a blessing in disguise. It's somethingtimes harder for beginning projectors to remember longer projections. Returning so quickly (and with excitement) may have allowed you to remember it.

Next time, try getting away from your body. There seems to be some sort of automatic return mechanism if you get to close. You may feel yourself get pulled back in if you don't quickly move away from your body.

Happy travels!

Jason said...


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