November 23, 2008


Recently a commentor suggested that I should try getting away from my body. I realised I rarely ever do this because all my movement usually feel automatic and I've become used to this. Thought I'd give it a try next time.

This morning, at 8:10am I got my opportunity when I knew the conditions were just right. Already relaxed, sort of dozed off, random images began flashing. I participated a little with the images, enhancing some of the colours, some of the faces that popped up - this was way too much fun, fortunately I didn't get too excited. The images eventually disappeared and I began telling myself to relax deeper now. I think maybe talking to myself during the pre-astral states may benefit in keeping me aware and conscious.

I soon felt a vibration which was more external, it seemed to be coming from somewhere above my head. My eyes were still closed and all I percieved was darkness. Then my vision returned, still in bed but it was dark in the room with the window part of my room being lit by the moon - this was a sure sign that I was out. At this stage I remembered to get away from my body. I tried getting up, my body seemed to be glued to the bed. Tried moving my legs and arms but I was still stuck. I eventually gave up and wanted to wake up.
Got into what seemed like the void, only this time I saw several circles zooming in and out giving a ripple effect. A few seconds later woke up at 9:00am, went back to sleep again and had a few FAs. I think the reason that I was unable to move may be that I tried too soon? Ordinarily I end up floating and often head towards the window - again all very automatic.

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