November 8, 2008

Inside Someone's Head

This was probably the longest astral experience I have had so far. However, I can now only recollect fragmented parts and I'm going to relay the parts I remember clearly.

Closed my eyes, heard the same screeching ping like sound, this time it was in my left ear. I focused on the sound and managed without effort to adjust to it. I was floating about in an unfamiliar house. My arms were clearly visible in front of me, they had a white blurry glow around them.

Soon I was on a seat, in what looked like a cart moving across tracks that were high above the ground between buildings. There were people sitting next to me singing and clapping their hands. They seemed really jolly, I tried to join in but felt somewhat embarrassed.

I'm walking with a man I don't know in an unfamiliar area, but looked like any ordinary high street. The man is talking, telling me about some of his problems - all I recall now is something about sexual harrassment. It's weird that I'm walking without control. When the man talks I think of what to say - the words come out but something entirely different to what I thought is being said. This went on for a while and I can't remember everything that was said because I was busy thinking about what I'd like to say. Soon I realized that I must be in someone's mind, listening in. The man said he had to quickly meet someone and told me that he'll see me later and with that he got in his car and we parted ways. I was lifted upwards (maybe out of the body I think I was in). I had no idea what to do next and woke up.

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