November 26, 2008

Astral Unbalanced Spinning

At 7:00am, already relaxed I decided to practice AP. I focused on my breathing as I was very distracted with thoughts. Gave up on trying this method since I was already relaxed, just mentally distracted. I closed my eyes and turned over and over until I was comfortable enough. Soon, maybe within 10 minutes or so my head began vibrating - it was definitely internal this time. Vibration was different, felt like the front of my brain vibrating.

There was none of that annoying high pitch sound but I did hear the clock ticking. Sounded like it was coming from inside my head. I had this unusual feeling or sense that my life here (in the physical) is a dream, for a brief moment. I'm not sure how I came to the conclusion but my thought of life being a dream was so powerful, I think it was somehow triggered by the ticking clock.

I quickly began floating. Then I felt myself rotate as usual and expected to head towards the window. Instead I began spinning in an unbalanced manner, all over my room. I could see my furniture arranged differently - there was also a few things that didn't belong to me. I'm not sure if the room itself began morphing or that it was my perception that was morphing. There could be a number of different reasons why I was suddenly spinning in unfamilar rooms. Eventually, I was still spinning now in a traditional styled living room. Finally, I stopped spinning in front of a large window. I peered out at the vast sky before me - it was as if the building itself was floating higher in the sky. At this point, unable to move I asked for my spirit guides to assist me. I then shot out the window like a cannonball. Lost sight and returned back in bed.

I tried again, just closed my eyes and was feeling the same brain vibrations. Began hearing several voices, male and female voices, all speaking at the same time. Focused on the voices individually. My memory of the chopped up fragmented sentences is rather vague right now however I did get the impression that I was listening in on actual conversations, perhaps even hearing thoughts.

My consciousness morphed into a cartoon dream - no recall right now. I did snap out of the dream state back in bed with SP. I noticed a stick on the bed - managed to move my right hand and tried picking it up, somehow I think I moved my physical hands and woke up at 7:35am. Within 5 minutes of waking up my little finger on my right hand began moving in a tapping motion.

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