November 8, 2008

Map Directions

Woke up at 6:00am, I felt sleepy and would've fallen asleep instantly had it not been for my full bladder. At 7:30am I could not bring myself to even close my eyes as I was far too alert and awake. I focused on my breathing to see if it helped and also expected to project.
Random images flashed by, I recall one of them being a moving aeroplane - Hypnagogic Imagery. Moving about and opening my eyes validated that I was still very much awake. Closed my eyes, images were gone but behind my closed eyelids things were still moving, these 'things' were dark squiggly shapes. There was also that screeching sound in my right ear but it wasn't having that negative effect as usual. Instead felt like I somehow tuned in this time.

A symbol began to take form. I was guessing it was an archaic symbol, then my focus began to zoom into it. It started looking like some kind of futuristic symbol. I continued playing this guessing game until more symbols began scrambling and my focus zoomed in at incredible speed. I began seeing triangles, squares and other familiar shapes. I noticed scattered branches, realized they were roads. I was now viewing a map. The markings on the map seemed to be moving. Four arrows came into view. I became prey to the 'void' but still very focused. The arrow came into view a second time. The top arrow pointing upwards was flashing, I just gazed at it wondering what it meant. It soon flashed even faster - I knew then that the arrow was telling me to look up. I looked up and flipped backwards. My vision became so clear and sharp. I was in the sky flying above the most magical town I've ever seen. Looked like something out of a fairy tale. There were castle buildings along with a few odd contemporary buildings and lots of people walking by. I flew about this town aimlessly, feeling appreciation for the guidance I was getting. I was feeling a lot of pleasant emotions.

A pink rollercoaster ride came into view - I wondered if I was in some kind of theme park. This place had a playful DisneyLand feel to it. I focused on it and easily floated down towards it. I was now above the seats and recalled all the sensations I've felt on rollercoaster rides in the physical. Sitting down I wondered if it was the same in this magical place - maybe even more exhilirating, the seats were immobile to notice. I realised I hadn't yet communicated with anyone and had intentions to do so when again the arrows in a larger size, now looking more like a compass appeared just a few feet away. The left arrow was flashing and I headed west. I felt I was going up higher. My arms felt like they were flopping. I looked at them and noticed they were as clear as daylight. I was getting so excited, wanted to explore more but then had a thought that if I don't wake up and jot down some quick notes I will forget everything that eventuated, with that I opened my eyes.

This experience has definitely confirmed my belief in spirit guides though I did not see or hear anyone the guidance was definitely there. I hope that from now on I am able to clearly recognize these guidance I am offered.

I tried to project again, somehow felt confident that I could have another experience just as effortlessly and I did. Next post, 'Inside Someone's Head'.

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