December 11, 2008

Ink Blobbing

Woke up at 5:25am, back to bed at 7:00am attempting AP by focusing on breathing. Again, I asked for help from guides and higher self.

Felt subtle vibrations and instantly floated out, I gained partial control of movement finding my way to the window. I could not go through instead began to spin out of control. Moving without control, I did not get a chance to see my body in bed. I was moved to a corner of my room - sprawled across the floor was a floral dress and I can't recall if I had left it there as I have a huge mess piled up in that area but it exists in reality. I wondered if I was in the Real Time Zone (RTZ). Again began moving on auto with clear vision which suddenly became clouded with what appeared as blobs of ink bubbling and multiplying. I focused and it seemed wherever I looked the bubbles of ink would continue to form.

Had a FA, where I checked if the dress was where I'd seen it in the projection. Instead there was a different dress that does not exist in reality but for some reason in the FA it seemed like I accepted that dress as the one in reality when in fact I've never seen it before. I went on having a lucid dream where I was completely aware however I noticed an intense feeling of excitement followed by a sense of fear for some unknown reasons.

Woke up at 7:45am, in reality the dress from projection was in the exact location. I never really bother with experiments to validate my experiences mostly because I'm not exactly skilled enough at projecting to do so. I'm also not all that concerned with validating my experiences but just in case I will set up a card experiment.

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