June 5, 2011

A Clean Town

No intention to project but last night I was reading my journal for notes on last AP experience and I think it triggered this mornings AP.

Woke 5am, drifted off between 6 - 7 am. Suddenly I'm gliding across street, a suburban looking location and I think how lovely and clean this area is. Wondering if I was local which seemed unbelievable considering how polluted London is - the air here was simply too clean, colour crystal clear and had a pleasant natural backdrop.

Just simply flying above the streets for a few minutes longer until I end up back in bed. The movement starts again and I am gliding, below me a burgundy surface and I realize consciousness is moving across the carpet in my room or maybe another part of the house. End of recall - that was a very brief experience yet I think there may have been some more to it.

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