May 25, 2011

Soaring Bird Cage

Got up 6am, by 7am drifted off with no intention to AP.

Even though I had drifted off it felt the entire time the transition occured whilst completely awake. I can't recall that I had actually drifted off.

Suddenly the ceiling was just an ich away from my face, at which point I knew I was projecting. Soaring through roof going higher, other places unfamiliar below me - this Earth or another dimension? Not sure. Did not focus on details just passively observing.

I started to get a little concerned about physical body, what if those 'others' started to take control of it in my absence knowing that some of these others are a rather mischievous bunch. It would be the perfect moment for them to possess the body. Let go, whatever happens happens, need to let go.

Have an FA where I'm in the garden and at the end on neighbours shed I see a few planters. I don't recall starting these and check them out. As I walk closer I am blinded. Now I know I'm still projecting. Consciousness now focused and aware of body and bedroom. Eyes open I look up and on the ceiling is a young man, he is like a moving picture but feels to be actually there. He simply stares at me. I notice he is behind bars looking through but it seems that I am the prisoner. I feel caged, locked up. I am not at all sure about what to make of his presence, he is very silent but still gliding across the ceiling.

My gaze falls at the large mirror on the wall - there a floral pattern emerges, not in colour but lines of shadows creating the moving image. The pattern twists and turns until fully converted into two birds. The two birds kiss, they fly away and I can hear their wings flapping.

Once again my awareness is back in the room and to my right I see a black cat, and room suddenly looks different. Then everything reverts back to original room where the black cat converts back into my black cardigan on the chair.

It was all in the mind, and this mind is shaping what we see right now. The mind can completely convert everything that we see and this could occur globally so that everyone can see the conversion and even have their own conversions.

Recently in a salvia experience I had an experience where I realized there was an unravelling in the mind like being set free to the Truth, in my case I knew it was only a fragment but I got a taste of what will occur globally.

I think that when it does occur globally Truth being unravelled individually in each person we will all know that it has happened to the each other. Something will make it obvious.

These new projections are quite intriguing, the 'others' are making themselves more and more visible and I am not getting any of those pre-astral symptoms such as the high pitched sound which I always associated with the scratching of blackboards and felt could be connected to airplanes - always dreading this. Also in particular no vibrations, spinning and none of that head drilling activity anymore.

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