May 5, 2011

Vivid Simulations and The Best

Awakened at 4am, got up this time and then back in bed and by 5am fell asleep intending to project instead I had some very vivid dreams. Because of those lingering energies I did not sleep well constantly awakened.

Vivid Simulations
I'm viewing a monitor inside which I'm being sucked into. They are taking me to a scene on a parcel of land. The soil is being formed into a hill without anything growing on it yet. On this hill they are telling me about how the plants grow, from the top of the hill the water will flow and travel or drain downwards and water the plants lower down - a kind of pyramid model. I learnt this when looking into permaculture the concept almost identical to a herb spiral and the creation of swales. They tell me that this way not a lot of water nor watering would be required especially for these particular types of land plant.

Then they mention tropical plants - these types need a lot of water. I'm almost sucked out of simulation but immediately re-entering pulled through towards a beautiful tropical island. There I see land surrounded by sea, palm trees and the whole scene just tropical. I start to see how yes tropical fruits and plants would need a lot of water which is why they are surrounded by sea and again these plants don't need a lot of watering since they suck from the sea. Interesting lessons. I think I'm being fed these information since I have recently become an avid gardener.

The Best
I'm at my house and there are so many kids playing - none that I recognize. Several children are trying to get hold of a girl who has become glued to the tv screen playing games on console. They start to moan and cry telling me about the girl called Monu who won't play with them. I ask why they need her to play with them to which they exclaim 'Because, she's the best!' I get the impression that Monu is like their leader. I look at the child in the eyes and tell him/her 'You can be the best, you all can be the best that way you don't need Monu or anyone else.'

Then I'm chatting with my eldest brother and sister about Monu, how she's changing drifting into her own world and my brothers expression reminds me of how I am or was a lot like Monu.

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