May 4, 2011

The Laughing Moment

In the dream I am aware of being in a large playground/park.

There is a man with a moustache and beard - rugged looking. He is staring at me as if he knows me waiting perhaps for me to approach him. He's cycling now, I see other bikes and I know he wants me to get on one but I walk away. My attention now caught on a swing. I see a little boy approaching reminds me of my nephew when he was 3, so adorable and cherub looking. He wants me to push him on the swing which is for kids slightly older than him.

I raise the swing letting go telling him to hold tight on the chain. As he swings back towards me I notice he's let go of the chain, concerned I stop the swing with the intent to scold him. He is so adorable that the only punishment I could think of is to tickle him. He lets out this incredible laughter and part fitful charming giggles. I join in feeling so incredibly happy in this moment. Wake up feeling as I did in the dream.

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