May 3, 2011

Wake Dozing

Intentions are working with great precision. Yesterday I voiced my intention to wake up around 4am - previously when sleep was distracted I naturally woke up around these times but then suddenly for quite a long time it stopped and I would sleep throughout night without interruption.

I said out loud 'Want to wake up at 4am'. Fell asleep some time after 10pm. Woke up at 1am - too early and asked to be awakened at 4am. Interestingly in the dream which I can't clearly recall there was a motion of rocking, when awakened my physical body was rocking - concerned that I was acting out dreams but I know they were up to something. Maybe I should've just practiced at 1am.

Awoke again at 4am - glad internal alarm clock was working - I get this feeling that it is body consciousness absorbing information and does as requested. However, within 5 minutes I dozed off. I wasn't all that groggy when I woke up so did not expect to fall asleep.

The next step is staying awake and the ways in which I can do that is by drinking water before going to bed or during wake time get out of bed within 5 minutes. Though I'm sleeping a lot earlier I'm needing more sleep.

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