January 3, 2009

Opening the Astral Eyes

At 9:00am, still in bed I tried to relax by focusing on my breathing with the intent of APing. For 30 minutes I was doing the complete opposite of relaxing, I gave up and opted to get at least 2 hours of sleep. The good thing about sleep is that I don't need to try so hard.

Of course I ended up doing the complete opposite of sleeping and found myself in the very early stages of projecting. My arms felt very light. I moved my right hand a little and it felt like energy moving, thought it could be my astral hand. Those initial stages went by faster than usual. My right ear vibrated, a snowy screen formed before me. I noticed my astral eyes slowly opening, it was very much like opening the physical eyelids in a slow motion. I was in a large room with very soft light - a moonlit room. As I continued to move forward at a speed far greater than my ability to comprehend this new environment I heard a female voice shouting 'Stop all that noise'. I got the impression that I was an uninvited guest.

My astral eyes began drooping until they were sealed shut. I hesitated to open them as it was likely I'd end up opening my physical eyes. I opened my left physical eye with the right eye tightly sealed and in the SP state. Closed my physical eye hoping to easily re-enter astral state. Felt air funneling out of my right ear and with that I was out of the SP state, physically awake at 9:45am.


sampraz said...

hey i had a similar experience like yours. this was probably about 4 days of practicing astral projection. my body was getting that vibration but i could only see pitch black. i felt my astral body jolt out of my physical body but my head was still on the physical region. i tried opening my eyes but nothing happend. so then i tried opening my physical eyes but the only thing i saw was light being projected through each eye but everything else was black. after i saw my self standing in darkness. there was a dark blue shade one the left side. i tried to fly but found my self bouncing about five metres apart in a slow pace.it was so dark, i got scared and ended up waking up. could you give me advice on wat i should do wen my ap body is trying to leave the physical body.

Jasmine said...

Hi sampraz,

Try not to get too involved when the astral body is in the process of seperating from the physical body. Instead just observe whatever you can percieve being as passive as you can. Remain completely detached from attempts to ease the process or even enhance it.

In fact you have to let go of the idea that you should be doing something because this is the very thing that will hold you back.

It's more likely that the astral body knows what it's doing, you have to sort of step back for a bit and just observe. Over time you might discover that the astral body can move without your conscious effort, in fact it seems it already is (the whole bouncing part).

One thing you should put some effort into is reducing your fear - try to understand what you are afraid of and release that fear.